Who is actually listening?

There is a new crop circle at Hackpen Hill. This has rattled Andrew Pyrka’s cage. Why? Well, he has taken exception to the fact that he thinks it’s made by someone he knows, and isn’t too fond of. (Of course, if it was made by one of Andrew Pyrka’s team of malcontents, it would be an amazing circle, and his sweaty palms would be rubbing his thighs with glee!)

So Andrew Pyrka starts to criticise some of the elements of the circle he takes exception to. (Of course, this from one of the people alleged to have made the Caterpillar formation, back in the day. Take a look at yourself, son). Now this is the thing in the world of crop circles, there are loyalties that shift like sand, and those who Andrew Pyrka supports were generally the ones who slagged him off prior to the last few years. They’ve found themselves on the tail end of an artistic endeavour and have been found wanting in the creative department. It’s a load of self-congratulatory nonsense.

So Andrew Pyrka alludes to the fact he knows who has made this circle, but obviously doesn’t have the chutzpah to name names as that is a legal kicking waiting to happen. So he alludes to what he believes he knows, all the while the causal visitor to his website must be wondering what the guy is trying to say. It reminds me of those lunatics you often see in the centre of a busy town or city, just rambling away, talking very loud but saying nothing of note and everyone avoiding the mad fucking lunatic. I expect Andrew Pyrka to be wandering around his home town with a placard announcing that crop circles are made by people and he can name names, but obviously won’t. He’s the sort of guy who could start an argument in an empty house.

Let’s face it, website visitors can’t be that many. It’s hardly a stopping off point unless you’re looking to watch some self-obsessed ramblings. So who is this website for? A handful of his ‘in-crowd’? Is it just somewhere where the poor guy can rant, like it actually means anything? I’ll accept it if he had something constructive to say, but in an art form that is illegal (criminal damage) and has very little rules, just what is his problem?  His problem is that he thinks he has (and in reality desperately wants) some sort of control of proceedings in the world of crop circles and people (his people) should play by his rules. Too many people have tried to be a big noise in the world of crop circles and they all fail.  If he wants to be a big man in a little town I suggest he fucks off to the model village.


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