Oh dear, so sad, never mind.

Word came to us at Messiah Towers that Andrew Pyrka’s whinge-site, I mean website, was going to be transferred to a new owner. How strange! As usual, it was all very cloak and dagger, but Andrew Pyrka was going to focus on the “genuine phenomena” and stop banging his head against a brick wall (which is probably a good idea in the long run, but short term the damage has been done).

Quite why we need an announcement about this is beyond me, couldn’t Mr. Pyrka just go and do this without the big announcement? Of course, nothing is that simple, there has to be some drama and Mr. Pyrka needs the attention. So we were all set to see Pyrka’s website disappear into the digital ether in September (which is coincidentally when the domain expires). Oh dear, so sad, never mind.

But stop the press! The change in ownership is postponed! Somebody, somewhere said something nasty and now Mr. Pyrka has to stick around to continue another cycle of perpetual arguing. For someone who dishes out a lot of nasty comments himself, it amazes me that he is so shocked and surprised when people start to sling the shit back! If you can’t take it, don’t dish it out!

We’ve had a whip-round, and we raised £3.75, a button and an old bus ticket, and we reckon that’s way above the value of Pyrka’s website but it has got to be worth paying that just to take the petulant Mr. Pyrka’s website off his hands. Much as you would take a pair of scissors off a child.

The art of being a good performer is knowing when to get off the stage. Andrew Pyrka, it’s time for you to exit, stage left. The curtain is coming down. The audience left long ago.


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