It’s not just me #1

It’s easy to sit there, scrolling through our little blog, and think we are just the only ones who find Andrew Pyrka such an objectionable human. In fact, it’s quite a lengthy list. The amount of people who have fallen-out with Mr. Pyrka is truly astounding. So we thought it would be interesting to highlight some of the curious incidents Andrew Pyrka has been involved in. Primarily, our concern is that Andrew Pyrka portrays himself as some victim of the researchers cabal, when in reality the truth is very different. It’s all about balancing the victim-consciousness viewpoint portrayed by Andrew Pyrka.

Andrew Pyrka used to run a FB page called Report A Crop Circle Formation (RACCF). Currently that page is very much dead in the water due to lack of interest. Andrew lost control of that page in a very curious incident which we will discuss in a separate posting because it is a strange, alarming and astounding story.  At one point, there were several admins to that page, all of whom were dumped one day as they weren’t staying on-message i.e. they weren’t staying on Andrew Pyrka’s message. One of these admins was Krsanna Duran, this is her story below. Do click on the ‘Show More’ link as it has some wonderful quotes. Grab a coffee, this will take a while, but it’s worth it.


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