Three Circlemakers walk into a pub…

Ah, another outburst from the garbled and spasmodic keyboard slapping we expect from Mr. Pyrka.

Mr. Pyrka start’s this missive as if he has some inside information. Apparently, he whispers, there was going to be a crop circle made on Friday 3rd. Apparently the circle making team all met in the Red Lion, in Avebury. Someone was able to name all the people there. Gosh! Hold the front page! I can almost see him tittering behind his hand like some juvenile school-kid.

This is the level we are at now with Mr. Pyrka. Second-hand information from someone in a pub. Oh, the researching skills on display here! But this is typical of Mr. Pyrka: second-hand information from people with their own axe to grind. So Mr. Pyrka, crop circle researcher extraordinaire,  has sunk to the depths of gossip-peddlar discussing a non-event, with people no-one can identify.

Pyrka’s whole post can be summed up as thus: Oh, three people met in a pub! <Shock!> Oh, I know who they are! Don’t you wish you were in the know like me?

Somewhere, the bottom of the barrel is being scrapped. Again.

Now, if Andrew Pyrka was actually in the pub at the time it becomes a bit of anecdotal information, but this is just more of the same “he-said, she-said” nonsensical hearsay that Andrew Pyrka thinks makes him relevant or informative in the crop circle world. No-one is listening, Andrew, I’ve seen your website stats, no-one cares!

Then there is some comment about Cleopatra which makes no sense to anybody and a jibe about ‘oh, I don’t like these crop circles’. Then he posts a video from Matthew Williams which demonstrates where Andrew Pyrka actually got the information from.

So this is where Andrew Pyrka’s website is at these days, nonsensical coded-messages to some perceived in-crowd, and passing on second-hand information that 99% of the crop circle world won’t understand or particularly care about. Good work!


One thought on “Three Circlemakers walk into a pub…

  1. It’s farcical. These alleged circle makers were caught doing what, exactly? Having a pint. Last I knew, that wasn’t noteworthy. And there’s no proof here they had plans to do anything else, other than Mr Pyrka’s allegation.


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