Andrew Pyrka: Barbury UFO Incident

While Andrew Pyrka’s website is down for maintenance, (how long does it take to swill out a bucket of shit? We feel that this website maintenance is probably an exercise in revising history) we thought we’d briefly re-visit the infamous Barbury UFO incident of 2009 which afforded Mr. Pyrka some initial “fame” and what probably initiated his downfall. There is so much to this story that we thought we’d write a longer-form analysis, but in the short-term here is a short-ish video looking at the whole story.

Let us not forget that money initially changed-hands for this story/video of Pyrka’s – which is one of the reasons we feel we need to highlight the shenanigans of Mr. Pyrka, as he is a massive hypocrite! He bemoans other people making a living from the crop circle world, but he was quick enough to snatch some cash for what was uncovered to be a cock and bull story. Anyway, enjoy the video…