Look! I touched a spaceship!

So while Andrew Pyrka pretends to have handed over his website to someone else we decided to keep looking at some of the ludicrous claims and top of the tree is definitely the Barbury UFO incident.

Ah, the Barbury UFO incident, also known as the Wroughton Blimp incident, is a story that rippled through the UFO and crop circle community. In a nutshell, Andrew Pyrka claimed the have touched a UFO, kind of, but then the person who was actually holding the camera ‘fessed up and said that Andrew Pyrka knew that it wasn’t a UFO. But the damage had been done. Money had changed hands, interviews conducted, and the eyes of the UFO and Crop Circle world suddenly stared a little closer at the fast un-raveling story.

The whole incident is now known to be a hoax, but a lot was written about it, with some spectacular claims from Andrew Pyrka. It is interesting as when you research these and other claims, Andrew Pyrka seems very encounter prone. Prone to encounters with things that aren’t really there. We have the Wroughton Blimp, all those little alien beings he claims to have photographed, there sure is a lot going on. Personally, when you have one person the centre of such alleged paranormal activity, I tend to be a bit suspicious. It screams ‘attention seeker’.

Anyway, here’s some good links featuring the incident:




Back soon with some more Pyrka nonsense! Maybe we’ll do a Top-10 Pyrka Bullshit Stories. It’ll be tough to trim that list down, but we’ll try.