I spy with my little eye… normality

It never ceases to amaze that Andrew Pyrka can mis-identify normal objects and make a huge story around them. Of course, that’s the plan as he gets lot of that commodity he really values: Attention. “Listen to me, I am the great Crop Circle Messiah and everyone else are false prophets! Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises!”

Here is another one of his ‘look, I’ve captured something spooky and paranormal’ photo’s. (Ever heard of the boy who cried, ‘Wolf’?)

Andrew claims that there are weird beings in his photo and a tiny little vehicle in the crop circle. Two things to note: the pictures are incredibly poor quality, hmmm, curious that, and also there are alot of people around this circle, and Pyrka does mention that, but seems to not even consider he might have photographed a person.

Have a look, and after the last few blog posts, you’re probably detecting something of a theme