Liar! Liar! Pants on fire!

As children we should hopefully learn the lesson that if we’re caught lying we should simply ‘fess-up, take the punishment and move on. Some kids try to lie to get out of the original lie, or try to convince others that the lie is true, even when the evidence points to the contrary. It’s hard for the ego to be caught lying, especially as an adult. So we were quite confused to see Mr. Pyrka insisting that the Wrought Blimp fiasco was actually the real deal and wasn’t the hoax we all know it to be. How strange! He even went on to claim he had hitherto un-mentioned film footage from a second camera!

So, in a posting on his Crop Circle Wisdom (CCW) Facebook page, Andrew Pyrka not only claims the Wrought Blimp was a real event, but there was secondary footage that proves it was all real. Well, hush my mouth!

Of course, it’s all lies. Because if there was secondary footage, wouldn’t it have surfaced by now? You would have thought so as it would have proved Andrew Pyrka’s original claim to have touched a spaceship.

So, in the screenshot below, we can see Andrew Pyrka claim that in his hand at the time of the original event was a video camera. Now having skimmed through the internet I can find no mention of the second camera in the reports of the original event. Now that footage would indeed have been interesting as it would have given an additional view on the alleged event, but it would have proved Andrew Pyrka’s story. But that footage (still) hasn’t surfaced. And it never will because I don’t believe it exists. Now, in this posting Andrew has been called out to show the footage but as of date it still hasn’t surfaced.

Andrew Pyrka then goes to claim that the original footage is still being sold to TV companies around the world. Now, that hardly proves authenticity in any shape or form. TV companies purchased the Oliver’s Castle footage and we know that’s a load of nonsense. Of course, Andrew mentions “con men” and claims to know the people who make circles that allegedly report to Steve. But as stated before, names won’t be named as it’s just hearsay and a legal kicking waiting to happen.

So, let’s see the footage. Let’s see the footage or it never happened. Statement from the Producer you claim you have, or it didn’t happen. Evidence of the continuing sale of the original footage, or it didn’t happen. Names of the crop circle artists, or are you just blowing hot air? Time to put it all to bed, or we’ve caught you lying again.

Below are screengrabs of the original posting, then below that some relevant music.