Alien on a scooter

More of Andrew Pyrka’s little aliens. Andrew claimed he saw a tiny alien on a little tiny scooter, in a crop circle. So much so he made a tiny, little model of the tiny little alien on it’s tiny little scooter. Now, usually such aliens appear to be 3-4 foot tall, sometimes taller, according to the available UFO literature. So why these tiny, little aliens appear only to Andrew is curious. That’s right kids! We know why!

Over in Dr. Rob Irving’s thesis, there is a picture of Andrew’s little, tiny alien, on its little tiny scooter. The thesis is here, scroll down to page 162 to see Andrew Pyrka’s aliens discussed as a case study, then scroll down to page 163 to see the technicolour glory of Andrew with his little, tiny alien on it its little tiny scooter.

This picture is a screengrab from Andrew Pyrka’s appearance on Circle Makers TV. A video which has curiously disappeared from the internet…