“I Touched A Crop-Circle-Making UFO,” Says Investigator

This is a great piece written by Analee Newitz (scroll half down in the below link), and was one of the earlier reports of the Wroughton Blimp. Interesting as no evidence of the second video recorder is mentioned. The images supplied in the article highlight the forced perspective trick that was used for this deliberate illusion.

The article states that: Andrew Pyrka lifted his left arm straight up toward the sky. “Instantly, when I put my arm up, there was a huge jolt of electrical current that went down my raised arm. I don’t think I touched anything solid,” he told me, “but I definitely interacted with some kind of strong field the UFO must have been giving off. But why couldn’t I see it where I was, while Paul could not only see it, he videotaped it for another fifteen minutes?”

But as we all now know, it was all a big hoax. The article can be found here.