Same old, same old.

So according to the ludicrously named Crop Circle Wisdom, “the transfer” took place. Of course what this allegedly means is that Crop Circle Wisdom is no longer under the control of Andrew Pyrka, crop circle guru to the discontented.

So to illustrate this new change in direction there was a hit and run piece about nasty old Steve Alexander and some ludicrous claims about copyright by one of Andrew Pyrka’s favourite crop circle “artists”. Same old, same old. The same targets, the same gripes from the same old malcontents. Nothing has changed. This gives Andrew Pyrka the opportunity to gripe, bitch and moan and not put his name to any of it. What a brave truth-seeker!

So this change in ownership (as he alleges) of his website also allows Andrew Pyrka to disconnect himself from all the lies and bullshit he has peddled in the past.

Of course, we still haven’t seen the evidence that Wroughton was anything else than a hoax (despite Andrew Pyrkas claiming there was a second set of footage). We still haven’t seen the evidence that the footage is still being “sold around the world” (as if that makes it legitimate). So Andrew Pyrka gets to run away from all of that. Well that was a worthwhile use of the last few years, wasn’t it? We just can’t wait to see what new direction Andrew Pyrka, er, I mean “Mike Farrow” takes the website in, but I suspect it will be just the same old bollocks.