Same old, same old.

So according to the ludicrously named Crop Circle Wisdom, “the transfer” took place. Of course what this allegedly means is that Crop Circle Wisdom is no longer under the control of Andrew Pyrka, crop circle guru to the discontented.

So to illustrate this new change in direction there was a hit and run piece about nasty old Steve Alexander and some ludicrous claims about copyright by one of Andrew Pyrka’s favourite crop circle “artists”. Same old, same old. The same targets, the same gripes from the same old malcontents. Nothing has changed. This gives Andrew Pyrka the opportunity to gripe, bitch and moan and not put his name to any of it. What a brave truth-seeker!

So this change in ownership (as he alleges) of his website also allows Andrew Pyrka to disconnect himself from all the lies and bullshit he has peddled in the past.

Of course, we still haven’t seen the evidence that Wroughton was anything else than a hoax (despite Andrew Pyrkas claiming there was a second set of footage). We still haven’t seen the evidence that the footage is still being “sold around the world” (as if that makes it legitimate). So Andrew Pyrka gets to run away from all of that. Well that was a worthwhile use of the last few years, wasn’t it? We just can’t wait to see what new direction Andrew Pyrka, er, I mean “Mike Farrow” takes the website in, but I suspect it will be just the same old bollocks.


UFO Sighting

Of course, the Wrought Blimp isn’t the first UFO Andrew Pyrka claims to have seen. In this article for his local rag, Andrew claims to have seen two UFOs and captured the image on his mobile phone. But knowing what we know, is this alleged encounter any more plausible than the Wroughton Blimp? Of course there are some holes in this story, as where he claims to have seen the UFOs, I struggle to see how they were on his left hand side (as I know that road very well). Maybe we’ll look into that further. Anyway, some people love getting in the paper and attention it gets them.


“I Touched A Crop-Circle-Making UFO,” Says Investigator

This is a great piece written by Analee Newitz (scroll half down in the below link), and was one of the earlier reports of the Wroughton Blimp. Interesting as no evidence of the second video recorder is mentioned. The images supplied in the article highlight the forced perspective trick that was used for this deliberate illusion.

The article states that: Andrew Pyrka lifted his left arm straight up toward the sky. “Instantly, when I put my arm up, there was a huge jolt of electrical current that went down my raised arm. I don’t think I touched anything solid,” he told me, “but I definitely interacted with some kind of strong field the UFO must have been giving off. But why couldn’t I see it where I was, while Paul could not only see it, he videotaped it for another fifteen minutes?”

But as we all now know, it was all a big hoax. The article can be found here.

Alien on a scooter

More of Andrew Pyrka’s little aliens. Andrew claimed he saw a tiny alien on a little tiny scooter, in a crop circle. So much so he made a tiny, little model of the tiny little alien on it’s tiny little scooter. Now, usually such aliens appear to be 3-4 foot tall, sometimes taller, according to the available UFO literature. So why these tiny, little aliens appear only to Andrew is curious. That’s right kids! We know why!

Over in Dr. Rob Irving’s thesis, there is a picture of Andrew’s little, tiny alien, on its little tiny scooter. The thesis is here, scroll down to page 162 to see Andrew Pyrka’s aliens discussed as a case study, then scroll down to page 163 to see the technicolour glory of Andrew with his little, tiny alien on it its little tiny scooter.

This picture is a screengrab from Andrew Pyrka’s appearance on Circle Makers TV. A video which has curiously disappeared from the internet…

I see things…

Another classic from the Andrew Pyrka school of nonsensical images. So here, we see little aliens less than 6 inches high, a giant alien and snake-headed alien all having nothing better to do in the universe than lurk around a field in Wiltshire. Now I don’t know a lot about UFOs or aliens, but recollections are that the aliens people claim to witness aren’t 6 inches high. Of course, Andrew will poke fun at other peoples pictures, but no, this is so obviously the real deal…


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UPDATE: As you can see, the video has been removed from YouTube. Obviously someone didn’t want you to see the video. Obviously we know who this is. Isn’t it strange for someone who talks so much about ‘the truth’ that he doesn’t want any scrutiny of what he tries to pass off as the truth.

A video where Andrew Pyrka uses pixelated images and pareidolia to make people believe he captured pictures of strange beings and a tiny vehicle in the crop circle. Some real analysis would have solved this “mystery” in minutes…