Wrought Blimp: It was a hoax

The man holding the camera said…



Liar! Liar! Pants on fire #2

So, where to begin? Much internet butt-hurt over at Crop Circle Wisdom.

So, after our blog post asking for evidence of the second camera footage of the Wroughton Blimp hoax, Andrew Pyrka blows the facade that the website is being run by anyone else but himself.

Andrew Pyrka claims that the new owners of the webpage have reviewed the Wroughton Blimp footage and agree with Andrew Pyrka that yes, he did touch a spaceship as he claimed. Well, that’s all right then! The footage is authenticated by two people no-one has heard of, no-one has seen but just appeared from nowhere to take over a failing website with next to no visitors. Yeah, that sounds so legit!

Then there is some crap attempt at a veiled threat. Andrew Pyrka claims that the people running the new website were going to play nice but now have decided not to and have “4 files of content and 3 Terabytes of data which we are looking at and it’s shocking”. Lamely intimating that Andrew Pyrka has been sat on a wealth of evidence about his enemies which will be released at some point. Yawn.

Then the posting starts to go on about Trystan Lewis Swale who apparently has abused members of the crop circle community, according to Andrew Pyrka. What that exactly has to do with our blog, or anything really, is beyond us. So, let us clear this up: this blog is not run by Trystan Lewis Swale, he does not write for this blog, never has, never will. So, here’s another challenge for Andrew Pyrka, please supply the evidence that this blog has anything to do with Trystan Lewis Swale. No evidence: we get to call you a liar, again.

Andrew Pyrka then goes to say, “What you should have done Trystan Swale is allow  the previous host to silently walk away, but no, with your own psychotic stupidity you have made the matter worse and so you are the one to take the blame for any further truthful exposures” – So basically, just like before (the Temporary Temples tantrum), Andrew Pyrka finds another weird excuse to hang-on and vent his bile, whilst making some weird threat about “truthful exposures”.

But let’s not subvert away from the original issue: where is the evidence that the Wroughton Blimp was in anyway a paranormal experience? Let’s not humiliate yourself further with “I showed the evidence to someone and they thought it was real” nonsense, let’s see the evidence. Even the person who was holding the camera has said it wasn’t a UFO and that you knew very well it wasn’t. So what’s his excuse? Or do I have to jump in a car, drive all the way down to Cheltenham and record an interview with Paul Jones? Do I need to trawl the internet to find all the posts where your camera man has said it was fake. Do I need to call Charles Mallett and discuss all the other dark stuff that never came out (which a lot of people know about) and which saw you lose control of your other Facebook page?

The trouble is, Andrew, you feel you have the right to make claims about other people but you can’t hack it when it happens to you. You want to make money out of dodgy footage and pictures, but get annoyed when people want to make money out of photographing crop circles. What a hypocrite! You can’t have it both ways.

Just walk away, boy, it’s done, it’s over, you are surplus to requirement, if you want we’ll even post you a P45 to make it feel a bit more official.

So, just to keep this clear in your mind, we’re still waiting on:

  1. Evidence that the Wroughton Blimp was a real UFO or paranormal event
  2. Evidence the footage is still being sold as you claim
  3. Evidence Trystan Lewis Swale is behind this blog


The clock is ticking…


Andrew Pyrka: Barbury UFO Incident

While Andrew Pyrka’s website is down for maintenance, (how long does it take to swill out a bucket of shit? We feel that this website maintenance is probably an exercise in revising history) we thought we’d briefly re-visit the infamous Barbury UFO incident of 2009 which afforded Mr. Pyrka some initial “fame” and what probably initiated his downfall. There is so much to this story that we thought we’d write a longer-form analysis, but in the short-term here is a short-ish video looking at the whole story.

Let us not forget that money initially changed-hands for this story/video of Pyrka’s – which is one of the reasons we feel we need to highlight the shenanigans of Mr. Pyrka, as he is a massive hypocrite! He bemoans other people making a living from the crop circle world, but he was quick enough to snatch some cash for what was uncovered to be a cock and bull story. Anyway, enjoy the video…